Galactic Mystic's Deep Divers
Galactic Mystic's Deep Divers
Ananda Sykes

Welcome to Galactic Mystic's Deep Divers

Watching Stars, Slinging Cards, Navigating this Magical World of Ours.

About Me

The Galactic Mystic mission is to normalize living an examined life using the stars, mysticism, and folk magic as guides. I believe there is a mystic in every family and that by returning to grounded wisdom and magic, we can heal the world and remember our natural connection with all of creation.

Why You Should Join Me

This is a community for Seekers! For regular Navigational Astrology posts on current astrology and prevailing energies found nowhere else, monthly live gatherings to answer questions and explore folklore, mythology, astrology and mysticism, and "Basic Training" for mystics, Galactic style... join us!